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Military Medical Museum in St. Petersburg

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Russian Museum of Military Medicine in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg Museum of Military Medicine, located near Vitebsky Rail Terminal does not attract capacity crowds, crowds of curious tourists and citizens do not siege ticket offices thereof. Nevertheless, it continues to carry off the palm as one of the most significant cultural institutions of the Northern Capital. What is the key to popularity of the object among the academic community? It is all about the institution's unique collection, comprising exhibits of the Craftsman House, established in the days of Peter the Great, Pirogov Surgery Museum and Military and Sanitary Museum. The institution's permanent stock is up to 200,000 exhibits, encompassing the period of military medicine development from early 18th century until the present time, and over 60,000,000 data resources, i.e. manuals, books, articles and medical records of soldiers, who participated in the World War I and II, Chechen campaign and other armed conflicts. Based on archive records more than 8,000,000 Russian citizens managed to confirm their combatants, disabled, and combat veterans statuses, and approximately 1,000,000 citizens managed to clarify what happened to their relatives, who went missing during army actions.
Some exhibits look shockingly and gruesomely authentic: preserved human organs, ancient tools for abortion, photos of field surgeries, dead bodies dummies. You need to have nerves of steel to endure these sights.
The visit of the museum ends in a small room - chapel with numerous icons, in previous centuries, when the building accommodated Semenovsky regiment's hospital, this was the place of prayers for cure of wounded and funeral services for those who got killed.

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