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All-Russian Museum of AS. Pushkin in St. Petersburg.

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Museum in Saint Petersburg

The oldest A.S.Pushkin Museum has been opened for visitors since 1879. As of today it holds the richest collections collected over the course of decades, including iconographical, memorial, fine art, historical and domestic materials of Pushkin's epoch, as well as the works of art, graphics, and sculpture of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Museum complex became the collection of the widest range of materials of Russian history and culture of the 18th - 19th centuries without being limited to the great poet's life and creative work.
The All-Russian A.S.Pushkin Museum includes six museums:
" A.S.Pushkin memorial flat and literature and monographic exposition "Life and creative work of A.S.Pushkin" located in the main building at 12 Moyka Embankment.
" Liceum Museum
" A.S.Pushkin Dacha-Museum
" Nekrasov memorial flat
" Derzhavin Estate Museum
All the museums are located in the memorial buildings of culture of the 18th-19th centuries.
A.S. Pushkin Memorial Flat
This is where Alexander Sergeevich died on January 29, 1837 after the duel from his mortal wounds. The Museum today is the poet's flat restored to the historical documents and holding the Pushin family's and friend's belongings.
The Museum main room is the office of Pushkin. Every year on February 10 on the day the poet died, a memorial meeting is held in the yard attended by the scientific and creative intellectuals and administration of the city.

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