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Alexander Palace.

Alexander Palace

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There is a magnificent two-century old building - New Tsarskoselsky (later - the Alexander) Palace in the northern part of the picturesque Alexander Park. It was founded in 1972 by order of Catherine the Great and was constructed on the occasion of marriage to be concluded between her dearly beloved grandson Alexander Pavlovich (future Emperor Alexander I) and Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexeevna. The construction was completed in May 1796, the last year of the Empress' reign, and on June 12, 1796 Grand Duke Alexander Pavlovich and his spouse moved into the new palace.
Architectural design of the Alexander Palace was developed by the famous Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi; the works were supervised by the architect P.V. Neelov. Renowned architects L. Rusca, U.K. Macaire, S. Cerfolio, A.A. Ton, V.P. Stasov, D.E. Efimov, A.I. Stackenschneider, A.F. Vidov, S.A. Danin, R.F. Melzer participated in subsequent interior finish and reconstruction.
Gala Parade Halls, faced in artificial marble, were situated along the garden fa?ade of the palace. The hall, divided by wide arcs into three parts, was in the middle of the enfilade. The middle part thereof was named Semi-Circular Hall, from the eastern part it was adjoined by Portrait Hall, from the western part - by the Billiard Hall (or the Marble Hall). From the left side the enfilade was closed by the Mountain Hall, which opened to the Library rooms and further to the Formal Reception Room; at the time of the last owners the right corner was occupied by the Palace Chapel (at the time of Nicholas I - the Bedroom). Rooms of the Right Wing included the Concert Hall, bordering closely on the Formal Reception Room, and a number of living rooms.

In September 2015 the Alexander Palace - Museum was closed for restoration. Scheduled time of restoration completion - mid 2018

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