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Alexandrinsky Theatre.

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Alexandrinsky Theatre

The first permanent public playhouse was established by order of Elizabeth Petrovna, the Empress of Russia in 1756. At the time, it was known as the Russian Theatre for Presentation of Tragedies and Comedies. Almost 80 years after the troupe was created, the theatre moved into the building, designed by Carlo Rossi. This Empire-style landmark of Saint Petersburg is nowadays under the protection of UNSECO.
The theatre stands on the buoyant foundation, consisting of 5 thousand oak piles, above the underground tributary of the Fontanka river. Using the Venetian technology, Rossi was able to construct the theatre in the place where previously people were afraid to build stone buildings. River flows can be seen through grids in the auditorium floor.
In the same 1832 the theatre received a new name - Alexandrinsky in honour of the spouse of the Emperor Nicholas I - Alexandra Feodorovna, a well-known theatre-lover and patron of the arts. Nowadays its official name is Russian State Pushkin Academy Drama Theatre. Yet, Petersburgers call it "Alexandrinka".

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