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St. Andrew’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg.

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Saint Andrew's Cathedral in Saint Petersburg

is one of the oldest and most honoured cathedrals of the northern capital. It is a functional Orthodox cathedral, a monument of the 18th c architecture. It is located on the Vasilyevsky Island.
In 1728 a wooden church was constructed on the Vasilyevsky Island, at the crossing of Bolshoy prospect and the 6th line. Supposedly, the author of the project was D.A. Trezzini. In 1732 the church was consecrated in the name of St. Andrew the Apostle. The iconostasis from ramshackle wooden church of the Nativity of Theotokos, situated in the Petersburg Island, Suburban Settlement, was transferred here. The Empress Anna Ivanovna donated money for the church attire and holy vessels. The church was meant for festivity and celebration of chevaliers of the Order of St. Andrew. In 1744 the church earned the cathedral status.
On July 4, 1761 the wooden cathedral burned during storm, and on July 18, 1764 a new cathedral was founded, it was constructed under the guidance of A. Whist and has been preserved to our days. The construction was completed only by 1780. The iconostasis was kept in the Church of the Three Sanctifiers for a long time. The newly opened cathedral became a center of chevaliers of the Order of St. Andrew. In 1786 the bell-tower vas built, and in 1790 - the chapel. In 1797 the bas-relief, representing St. Andrew the First-Called, carried by two angles, was mounted above the entrance.
In 1995 - 1996 gold-plated crosses were put on the domes of the cathedral. In 2001 an obelisk was placed in front of the cathedral to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Order of St. Andrew establishment.
The most prominent decoration of the cathedral is a three-level gold-plated iconostasis, which is 17 m high. Other objects of interest include 115 kg altar vestment of solid silver in the high altar, the Gospel in the silver cover.

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