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Anichkov Palace.

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The Anichkov Palace,

one of the imperial palaces of the city at the Anichkov Bridge on the Fontanka River Embankment.
The palace takes its name from the nearby Anichkov Bridge and is the oldest out of buildings that have survived on Nevsky Prospect.
Its construction started in 1741 under the orders of Empress Elizabeth I. The various-storey H-shaped building was designed by one of the first architects of the new capital Michail Zemtsov. The construction of the baroque palace was completed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli.
That time the Fontanka River was on the fringe of the city, and Nevsky Prospect was still a cut-through. So, the palace should adorn the entry to the capital. A special canal was dug from the Fontanka River to the palace with a small harbour at the end. Hence the unusual position thereof with its sideways on to Nevsky prospect. In 1776-1778 the palace was reconditioned by architect I.Starov who turned it into a classical building with no baroque specific variety of storeys and stuccowork, the harbour was buried. As a result the palace became more austere but dead-alive at the same time.
Following the October Revolution, the Anichkov Palace was nationalised and designated the St Petersburg City Museum that was closed in 1925. On February 12, 1934, it was converted into the Young Pioneer Palace of Ledningrad, now The Palace of Youth Creativity and Anichkov Lyceum.

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