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Alexander Column.

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The Anichkov Bridge

One of the most recognizable bridges of Saint Petersburg is the bridge across the Fontanka River in Nevsky Prospect decorated with four horse sculptures.
Its total length is 54.6 m, it is 37.9 m wide. There are three traffic lines thereof, as well as pedestrian paths.
The famous bronze Horse Tamers designed by the Russian sculptor, Baron Peter Klodt von Jurgensburg appeared in 1841. The first depicts a young man leading a horse, the other - a youth attempting to control a mettlesome horse. The symmetrical sculptures on the western side of the bridge were mounted five times. The first two of the statues were sent to Berlin by order of Nicholas II as a present to Prussian king, and those tamers have still been in Berlin's Kleist Park. The second pair can be found in Naples as a gift to the king of both Sicilies from Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. After that Kolodt decided not to recast but designed completely new statues, showing four stages of horse taming.
It is of interest that two horses looking at the Admiralty are shod, while the other two are not. They say that in the 18th century the blacksmith's shops were located in Liteyny Prospect. So, the horses are unshod when getting towards Liteyny Prospect and shod when getting back.

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