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The Bath Block

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The Bath Block

The Bath Block is exclusively elegant; nowadays it can boasts unbelievable charm of its architectural forms though was started from a small wooden bathhouse.
In Empress Catherine II times, who was not immune to the ideals of comfort, a swimming pool with a raisable bottom was installed in the Bath Block with water supply from the Finnish Gulf directly. It was an uncommon and vibrant engineering approach at that time. A fountain of fresh water named "Kid" was in the center of the pool; an ante-room, rest-room and a room for cold baths were also there.
In 1866 the stone building to the design of famous architect Edward Lvovich Gan replaced the wooden one. It was the epoch of Emperor Alexander II known with its progress and turning points.
The newly built block was used for spa procedures. Various wondrous devices appeared, like a chandelier shower one can still see in the Bath Block museum.
The chandelier shower, water spraying ball and about ten other devices the august families used for washing meet visitors in the unique Bath Block museum.
The Bath Block part intended for guests still holds the Behaviour Code created by omnipresent Peter I.

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