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Russian Business visa

1. All invitations will be processed through the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Official visa support will be either telexed directly to the Consulate or faxed to you.

2. We will start processing your visa support on the same day if we receive documents before 12.00 p.m. (GMT+3), or they will go in processing the next business day. For next day urgent visa support processing we must have all of your documents in our Moscow office by 9.00 a.m. (GMT+3)

3. To obtain your visa, present the official visa support or telex number at your local Russian Embassy or Consulate for telexes - we will inform you about the number of telex to Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country for invitations - we will send the original of invitation to you by express mail (express mail service is not included in the price) to any country in the world.
Delivery to Europe by FedEx, UPS, DHL is USD 63.00, USA by FedEx, UPS, DHL is USD 63.00. The term of the delivery, excluding the day of dispatch, 3-6 - days.

All prices in USD

 Type of Visa Period of making the invitation
30 days
 Single Entry - 1 Month 45  
 Single Entry - 3 Month 55  
 Double Entry - 1 Month 50  
 Double Entry - 3 Months 65  
 Multiple Entry - 6 Months 120
 Multiple Entry - 1 Year 145
 Title: Mr    Mrs    Ms
 First Name:
 Middle Name:
 Last Name:
 Date of Birth:   
 Place of Birth: (City, Country)
 Passport Number:
 Passport Expires:   
 Start date of your Visa:   
 End date of your Visa:   
 Place of arrival in Russia:
 Place of departure from Russia:
 Where are you staying:
 (hotel, flat, other)
 The place of getting the visa
 (Country, City)
Up to 5 cities in Russia you may visit:
1.   2. 
3.   4. 
 Company Information for Business visa
 Company Name:
 Type of Business:
 Business Telephone Number:
 Business Fax Number:
 Business E-mail:
 Office Address:
 (Zip/Postal Code, Address,
 City, State/Province, Country)
 Contact Information
 Telephone number:
 Fax number:
 Home Address:
 (Zip/Postal Code, Address,
 City, State/Province, Country)

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The copy of your passport you can send us via  info@slktour.com
or fax: +7 812 304 38 84

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