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Vladimir Komarov Botanical Institute Museum

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Vladimir Komarov Botanical Institute Museum

The Botanical garden houses the only in the country Botanical Museum, which rich collections include those prepared by the well-known scientists and travellers N.M. Przhevalsky, P.K.Kozlov, G.N.Potanin, V.I.Roborovsky, V.L.Komarov, etc.
There are four expositions in the Museum: "World Wide Flora", "History and Evolution of Plants", "Plant Resources of Our Country", "Plants and Man". Tropical and sub-tropical plants from all over the world are growing in the green-houses of 1 ha built in the last century. The arboretum in the Botanical Garden of 16 ha is the collection of various plants of our country, other European countries, Asia, and Northern America. The green-houses and park of the Botanical Garden features a total of more than eight thousand types of plants.

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