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Palace Bridge in Saint Petersburg

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Palace Bridge in Saint Petersburg

The palace Bridge is deemed to be the most picturesque, and, arguably, the most popular with photographers. Initially, it was supposed to become the most beautiful bridge in the city, however, life played a practical joke on it. Nevertheless, the Palace Bridge, virtually void of architectural sophistications, is like a honeypot for thousands of people, walking from the Hermitage to the Strelka of Vasilyevsky Island.
In the mid 19th century, soon after the construction of the first permanent bridge across the Neva river (the Annunciation bridge), the floating Saint Isaac's Bridge, which used to connect the University Embankment and the Senate Square, was moved to the Winter Palace. Following minor repairs, the bridge was renamed into the Palace Bridge in honour of the Winter Palace, located only a few steps away.
But this construction fell definitely short of the metropolitan bridge, symbolizing cooperation of the power - the Winter Palace and the entrepreneurs - the Stock Exchange. Therefore, as soon as the 80-s of the 19th century, the necessity of creating a permanent passage, connecting the Vasilyevsky Island and the mainland, became obvious. Final decision on replacement of the floating bridge with the permanent one was taken in 1900. The construction of the capital engineering structure started in 1912 and was interrupted in 1914 due to the World War I. Eventually, the bridge was opened to traffic in 1916. Throughout its existence the bridge was reconstructed over and over again. In 1988 tram tracks were removed, the latest major repair was performed quite recently, in 2013.

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