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Brusnitsyn Mansion

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Brusnitsyn Mansion

Few people know about the Brusnitsyn Mansion, an architectural monument with federal status, at Kozhevennaya Liniya on Vasilievsky Island at the very heart of the industrial zone that was built in the Catherine II years. Its unpresentable appearance often puts off tourists who do not admit so much as a thought that an elegant, richly ornamented interior is hidden inside this commonplace building. Its sumptuous late 19th-century interiors remain untouched by renovation or restoration, so that the building became very popular among professional photographers and film makers. The building is W-shaped: the wings housed bedrooms earlier, while the commonly used rooms were in the central part thereof. Best preserved is the Late Renaissance Dining Room with its oak wood carved panels that duplicate the ceiling decoration with a bronze chandelier.
There is the cupboard, the only piece of furniture that has survived to our days, with a hidden door to the left leading to the Billiard Room.
The Billiard Room similar in style with the Dining Room is typical of the built-in corner sofas, carved wardrobes and the chimney coated with close texture. Earlier there was a central table coated with baize and a height adjustable chandelier that has survived to our days.
The Arabic style Hookah Room is most peculiar in the Mansion. Its walls are golden fretted and the ceiling is decorated with a glass chandelier with brass inserts spotted with Arabic script. Next to the Hookah Room there is the snow-white luxurious Baroque Dancing Hall. The excursion round the Mansion is ended with the Rococo Sitting Room with its gold-plated stucco work and walls coated with oldest old natural silk.

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