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Private Dacha" Park and Palace Ensemble

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Private Dacha" Park and Palace Ensemble

Thus and only thus, a humble, cosy and nice dacha (summer residence), as thought of by grandees, could look - exquisite, stylish, in an expanse of woodland and a deafly heard play of the waves of the Finnish Gulf. The "Private Dacha" located in 3 rm to the west from the Lower Park looks very much so.
This lot was first gifted by Emperor Peter the Great to the known publicist and associate Feofan Prokopovich. After his death in 1736, this cottage's new host Empress Elizaveta renamed it the "Private Dacha".
The stone two-level palace erected in memory of her great father was used by the Empress as a summer residence only. Here she relaxed after long days at work, amused herself with farming, and no one could come without being specially announced.
Here she also prayed in the tiny single-dome wooden St. Trinity church, having the luck to get the iconostatis from the Peter and Paul Cathedral of Saint Petersburg.
Alas, in Catherine II times the palace decayed and architect Felten was hired to reconstruct it 1770s. In 1843 the "Private Dacha" survived another redevelopment by famous architect Stakenschneider for good reason: it was meant for the crown prince of Russian Empire. The architect decided to erect an estate in Louise the Fifteenth summer palace style (rococo) to remind about the nobility's golden century. According to the maid-of-honor A.F.Tyutcheva, the palace looked like "a precious toy of luxury and elegance".
Today we can still see the elegant stone staircase, chinky telamons, overgrown garden with a square pond, bridges over gullies, one of which leads to the palace St.Trinity Church.

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