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Dolphinarium in St. Petersburg

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Dolphinarium in St. Petersburg

The Dolphinarium in St. Petersburg was opened in 1998. It is a branch of the Utrish Dolphinarium founded in the village of Utrish on the Black Sea coast on the basis of a marine scientific station in 1984. Dolphins, bottlenose whales, sea lions, sea lions and walruses . During the performance, animals jump out of the water, jump through the rings, carry trainers on their backs, sing, paint and perform other tricks that invariably cause delight in children and adults.
Dolphins have a special way of sleeping - when one hemisphere is asleep, the other is awake, while the dolphin is quietly swimming or hanging while sleeping.
The water in the pool is artificial sea. By salinity, it is close to the composition of water in the Black Sea. Of course, it is impossible to keep animals in a natural habitat in St. Petersburg, but the zoo staff do everything possible to make the artists feel comfortable.
There is an opinion that dolphins do not hear the human voice. This is not true. Loud voiceundefined Or loud music dolphins are able to perceive, although worse than sounds at higher frequencies.
In the St. Petersburg Dolphinarium you can swim with dolphins (from 14 years). Contact navigation implies tactile contact with animals and playing with them using props.

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