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Kochubey Palace

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Kochubey Palace

- a magnificent building that became an architectural monument soon after construction thereof in the 19th century. One can't but stop thereat as even its grate draws attention with its busts of Moor women (therefore the building is sometimes called the House of the Moors).

A few centuries ago a canal connecting the admiralties was in place of the Kochubey Palace. This canal was filled in and a three-level mansion was erected instead that in 1853 was purchased by Prince Mikhail Viktorovich Kochubey.
The Kochubey Mansion immediately turned into the most popular place to set the architectural fashion of the time - many private building in Saint Petersburg were built in the image and semblance thereof.
This architectural monument is saturated with the genius of the Renaissance period, however, it also has baroque, classicism, and antique elements, while the interiors thereof are full of airiness, elegance, and greatness.
To get in, one should go up the Official Staircase with plenty of frets. The antechamber decorated with oak and stucco is just behind the door. In daytime light, showing the ceiling decorated with woodwork, gets in through the arcs of large windows. Dark-brown and light hues prevail in the interior. The entrance to the building was made in place of the former winter garden and today consists of two parts separated with pilasters. It is in the Renaissance and Gothic style with the oak-tree chimney and a huge oak-tree framed mirror inside. The doors are decorated with garlands and herms. The Dining-Room is in the Pseudo Gothic style: the relevant paintings are over the entrance, on the doors and panels thereof.
There are several Drawing-Rooms in the Kochubey palace: The Green Drawing-Room looks like a malachite box, the Blue Drawing-Room is decorated with oak-tree carvings, the windows of the Red Drawing-Room look to Konnogvardeysky Boulevard, while the Musical Drawing-Room is the most beautiful.

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