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Palace Square in Saint Petersburg

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Palace Square in Saint Petersburg

The Palace Square is the main square of Saint Petersburg, its architectural ensemble was developed in late 18th c - early 19th c. The square was named after the Winter Palace, southern fa?ade thereof opens to the square. Concerts, public events are held at the square, this is tourists' favourite spot in Saint Petersburg.

Palace Square Ensemble

Winter Palace
The main fa?ade of the Winter Palace, opening to the square, is cut through by the grand passage arch. The square ensemble also includes the Small Hermitage with its three-floor building opening to Millionnaya Street, and the New Hermitage, including a portico, decorated with the huge statutes of Atlantes.
General Staff Building
In 1819-1829 a bow-shaped General Staff edifice was constructed along the southern border of the square (the architect - C.I. Rossi), buildings thereof are 580 m long. The wings are connected by the tripartite Triumphal Arch, decorated by bas-reliefs. The arches are placed at different distances from each other, so, if you go to the Palace Square through them, its grandeur and vastness will unfold before you step by step. The chariot with six horses, driven by two warriors in Roman armour, hovers on top of the arch. The majestic goddess of glory stands in it, holding a laurel wreath in one hand and a banner in the other hand.
Alexander Column
The Alexander Column stands in the center of the square. The column is made of gigantic polished monolith of pink granite 25.6 sazhen (47.5 m) high (1830 - 1834, the architect Auguste de Montferrand). The top of the column is crowned by the statute of an angel, holding a cross, made by the artist B.I. Orlovsky. The Palace Square ensemble would have been incomplete without this massive monument. The Column and the Triumphal Arch of the General Staff are dedicated to the Russian victory over Napoleon. The shield at the bottom of the Column says the following: to Alexander I from grateful Russia. It is remarkable that the Column is held at the pedestal entirely by its own weight.
Building of the Guards Corps Headquarters
In 1837 - 1843 a large building of the Guards Corps Headquarters was built at the eastern side of the square. The architect A.P. Brullov faced a challenging task to create a new building which had to match both the classical General Staff Building and the baroque Winter Palace. Four-level inconspicuous building efficiently performs its task, gracefully closing the Palace Square ensemble at the eastern side.

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