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Elagin Palace

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Elagin Palace

Elagin Palace is a summer imperial residence, built in 1822 for the widow of Paul I, Maria Feodorovna. The Empress was already in the years, and it was difficult for her to get to Gatchina, so Alexander I appreciated the beauty of the local landscapes and built luxurious rooms for the mother.
The architect for this project was chosen by Carlo Rossi. The task before him was large-scale, and in the end he not only built an amazing palace, but actually rebuilt the whole island, so that the new building would fit perfectly into the local landscapes.
Over the design of the palace and the pavilions, the best artists and sculptors worked. On the ground floor of the palace is the front suite, where you can see the interiors in Empire style. The most interesting are the Oval Hall, Crimson and Blue Lounges. Here are the items of the palace decoration of the first half of the 19th century. On the second floor are the ladies' rooms, the chambers of the emperor, as well as an exhibition of works of arts and crafts:undefined Art porcelain, glass, embroidery, fabrics, woodwork and metal works of the late 18th and early 20th centuries. On the third floor there was a church, and the stairs of the palace were decorated with cast-iron statues, copied from antique and, at the request of the architect, cast at the St. Petersburg iron foundry of sculpture.

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