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Excursions in St.-Petersburg

Dear visitors and inhabitants of our city, we offer you the most popular excursions over Saint Petersburg and his(its) suburbs.
            1. Survey excursions. At this excursion (usually bus) you will get acquainted to the basic sights of the centre of St. Petersburg, learn(find out) the most interesting facts of his(its) history. Usually such excursions visiting the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage or Issakievski cathedral include, acquaintance to ensembles Palace, Issakievski, the Senatorial areas, Arrows(pointers) of Vasil'evskogo island. Excursion will borrow(occupy) about three hours.
            With. St. Petersburg plays the big role in life of Russia. It is the second-largest city in our country. With. St. Petersburg the most northern capital of the world. It(he) is at breadth of Greenland, Alaska, Chukotka. It explains a midnight sun which are in the best way visible between June, 11 and July, 2. The city is rather young. It(he) is based less than 300 years back. The founder of city of Saint Petersburg Peter the Great which has put in pawn the first stone of the Peter and Paul Fortress in 1703, that has given rise to new city. In 1712 of St. Petersburg becomes capital of Russia, the centre of political and cultural life.
            With. St. Petersburg one of the greatest and finest cities of the world. It is historical and a cultural value same big, as Paris, London or Rome. "St. Petersburg", " Northern Venice " involves thousand tourists from all world.
            the Palace area. One of the finest of palace ensembles in the world. The area prevails above Winter the Palace, the former residence of kings planned Rastrelli in 1754-1762 years. In the centre of the area Alexander Pillar, a monument in honour of a victory of Russian people in domestic war of 1812. The ensemble of the area includes the monumental building Amiralteistvo constructed by Peter I in 1704. As well as the Red Area in Moscow, the Palace area became the witness of the major events of the Russian history.

Hermitages - the largest museum of Russia. There are only a few museums in the world which can be compared to it(him) on value, values and to a variety of his(its) exhibits. The collection contains more than 2,7 million subjects of both of European and Russian culture. She(it) settles down in 125 halls.

    the Peter and Paul Fortress settles down on a right coast of the river Neva. Postoroena Peter I. She(it) was never used as a fortress and its(her) bastions were transformed into prison for political prisoners. Today it is an architectural and historical museum. Petropavloski the cathedral was a place of a burial place of emperors since itself.
            Today Russian museum contains more than 300,000 pictures of Russian artists from the beginning of 10 centuries. A Issakievski a cathedral one of grandly cathedrals of the world. It(he) may contain 14,000 persons. It is possible to observe amazing kinds of city from it(him) platform reviews.
            Smolni . This architectural ensemble - pride of city. It(he) is executed in style of 18-19 centuries. His(its) oldest part - a female monastery (1764) with a magnificent cathedral height 85 meters. In 19 century near to a female monastery the school for girls of a noble origin was constructed.             the Issakievski a cathedral. One of the most beautiful and highest buildings with a dome height 101,5 meters. It(he) was constructed for 40 ( 1818-1858 ) on project the French architect of August Monferana in Russian classical style. It(he) is interesting not only the architectural style and technology of construction, but also and an interior decorated with 150 pictures, 62 mosaic, sculptures of Russian and Italian sculptors.
            the Peter and Paul Fortress. the oldest monument of a history and architecture in Saint Petersburg. Construction began in 1703. The fortress was constructed as strengthening during the ?onnei-Swedish war. But she(it) was never used as strengthening and its(her) bastions were transformed into prison for political prisoners. Son Peter the Great Alexey, the well-known applicant for a throne, writer Radishchev, decembrists were made there.
            Petropavloski the cathedral was a place of a burial place of the Russian emperors since 1725.
            Usupovski a palace. the Residence of old and noble Russian family Jusupovyh. Here was killed Rasputin. holiday and inhabited rooms of a palace are open for visitors. Concerts of classical and national music will be carried out(spent) there.

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