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Saint-Petersburg: Hotels

We offer you a range of accommodation in Saint-Petersburg - from luxury and expensive hotels to budget hotels. You can choose the lodging from our selection of hotels in St. Petersburg and make hotel reservation with us. Whether you travel to Russia on business or leisure, you can find and book the best accommodation in Saint Petersburg with our help.

Deluxe St.Petersburg hotels

Deluxe St.Petersburg hotelsRates from 150.00 USD/night

Prestigious luxury hotel with a well-known name; Highest standards of service, accommodation and facilities; Among the world's best hotels.

Superior St.Petersburg hotels

Superior St.Petersburg hotelsRates from 70.00 USD/night

Exceptionally comfortable hotel; Suitable for demanding business clients; Superior standards of service, facilities, and public areas; Modern hotel, or outstandingly well-maintained older hotel.

Mid-Level St.Petersburg hotels

Mid-Level St.Petersburg hotelsRates from 58.00 USD/night

Dependable and comfortable hotel; Suitable for the average business or pleasure traveler; Well-kept functional accommodation with charming features; Limited public areas, food service, and facilities; Moderate room sizes; Breakfast in small, informal restaurant.

Budget St.Petersburg hotels

Budget St.Petersburg hotelsRates from 40.00 USD/night

Basic and functional accommodation; Suitable for clients or groups on a budget; Limited public areas, food service, and facilities.

Mini hotels of St.Petersburg

Mini hotels of St.PetersburgRates from 50.00 USD/night

Mini hotel is a wonderful and economic substitute of a room in an expensive hotel! Hotels of this category represent service of high level. All hotels are small (not more than 25 rooms), so they are very quiet. Saint-Petersburg tourists and business visitors can stay in the city center and pay reasonable price for their accommodation in mini-hotels.

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