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Saint-Petersburg: Hotels

the Prices and key parameters.
All prices are specified in US dollars. At payment in roubles the rate of the Central Bank of +3 % at the moment of payment is used. The prices include cost of accommodation for one night with breakfast (if there is no other instruction(indication)), include the VAT.

For individuals of 2004

Deson-Ladoga Hotel


The "Deson-Ladoga" Hotel celebrated it's 30th anniversary in 1994. The building was erected in February 1964 in picturesque micro-district of Small Ohta. By it's 30th anniversary the hotel was totally rebuilt and answers all modern requirements of the customers:
The Hotel is situated very close to the historical and cultural places of interest of Saint Petersburg. Nearby from the hotel (5 minutes by bus) one can find Alexandro-Nevskaya Lavra with historical cemeteries, Smolny Cathedral where the spiritual and classical concerts are held.
The hotel stands at the cross-roads of Shaumiana prospect and Zanevsky prospect the prolongation of Nevsky prospect on the right bank of Neva river. The hotel is situated in the ecologically clean dwelling micro-district and has no neighbours-industrial establishments.
Night club with Karaoke system is known for its cheerful atmosphere whether it's a weekday or weekend. We keep it open every night. A Club where everything starts at the bar desk and where the music supports the relaxed feelings. Throw yourself in the adventure and have a try of exotic drinks of the season!

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