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Coffee Museum

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Coffee Museum

Coffee Museum is one of the most unusual and interesting museums of Saint Petersburg. It was created for authentic coffee lovers and connoisseurs. Each visitor will learn a lot of interesting things about history of the drink, vegetation and production geography thereof, roasting options, popular recipes and methods of coffee brewing.
You will feel at home here. Each of a few visitors is given a special attention, which is a really nice. There is no cloakroom as such, however there is a rack in a separate area, where visitors leave their outdoor clothing. Right at the entrance is the ticket office, where macho cashier sells tickets. The right wall from the entrance is decorated with photos and coffee facts. Here you can also see a glass stand, where coffee beans in jars and other coffee accessories are kept.
The Coffee Museum exhibition occupies one small room, however it is in no way detrimental to the information content thereof. Within four walls the museum founders managed to show the journey of the coffee bean: from ripening coffee fruit to ground coffee in a jezve and a cup. There are framed photos of coffee beans picking, processing and transportation, maps, showing places of different coffee varieties vegetation and packing. Visitors take a lively interest in the animal, whose photo hangs on one of the walls. It is palm civet or luwak, and it eats fruits with coffee seeds. Kopi Luwak - one of the most expensive coffee vatiaties in the world is properly processed civet feces.

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