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Green Belt of Glory

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Green Belt of Glory

Probably, there is no other monument on the planet that would stretch for two hundred kilometers. Its obelisks, stelae, memorial gardens and groves are planted and planted in honor of those who stood to death near the city walls. Monuments of the Green Belt of Glory perpetuated the heroism of defenders of the Pulkovo heights and the steadfastness of soldiers who did not let the enemy to the right bank of the Neva at the Ivanovo rapids, the courage of those who fought on the Nevskaya Dubrovka and stopped the enemy near the western quarters of the city. Their dozens, modest and majestic monuments in memory of famous and nameless heroes, sons and daughters of our Motherland.
From Rzhevka to Ladoga Lake lined kilometer posts along the asphalt belt. Each of them is a memorial stele, on which, next to the five-pointed star, the words "The Way of Life". The road of life - the so-called in the siege of time the only road laid through Lake Ladoga, thanks to which the besieged city made contact. They are forty-five:
Kirovsky shaft, Pulkovoundefined Boundary, The militia, Unbowed, Storm, Izhorsky ram, The Nevsky threshold, The unnamed height, Nevsky Piglet, Breakthrough, Sister, Garden of peace, The Lembolovo stronghold, Flower of Life, Rumbolovo mountain, Katyusha, The broken ring, The steel way, Crossing, The shore of courageous, Far frontier, Gostilitsky, The January Thunder, Anchor, Attack, Seaside, and others.

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