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Palace Stables of Peterhof

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Palace Stables of Peterhof

The Russian country estate phenomenon, demonstrating magnitude of Slavic soul, - enormous stables, which size, furnishings and architecture make them more like separate palace ensembles or country seats. You can see them in many estates of aristocratic families all over Russia, and it is only natural that the Palace Stables were built in Peterhof.
It was prominent Nicolas Benois, who designed the project of the palace stables in Peterhof, and it was Nikolay I's idea to create such a gorgeous "house for horses". The construction did not take much time - just in 7 years, from 1848 to 1855, the whole stables complex at the Alexandria estate was built.
Noteworthy is not only the purpose of the grandiose building, but also the architecture thereof. The stables were built in mock-Gothic style, fashionable at that time, and they were made genuinely gigantic in size. Initial impression is baffling - is this a district city fortress or a merchant center building? Perimeter-wise up to approximately 500 m, the Palace Stables are, arguably, one of the main attractions of the whole Alexandria ensemble.
The Palace Stables complex includes office buildings, connected by the stone battlement, the center of the ensemble is an empty yard, which used to be a riding hall and now is a promenade yard.

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