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Marly Palace

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Marly Palace

Located in the western half of the Lower Park, the Marly Palace is a charming baroque mansion that was built on the orders of Peter the Great as an intimate retreat in the grounds of the Grand Palace. Peter's inspiration was the royal hunting lodge at Marly Le Roi, just outside Paris. The Marly Palace is considered the most shy, elegant but exclusively graceful Peterhof building.
Three years after his visit to Marly Le Roi, the Emperor ordered to build the like mansion in Russia, however not as an exact replica of the French hunting lodge but as a adopter of general composition solutions.
The Palace was initially planned as a single-storey building. It was Peter's idea to add the second level thereto. The idea was great as helped to make it more proportionate, finished, and harmonious. Notwithstanding the Marly's being most unassertive out of the park-and-palace ensemble buildings, this Palace has turned to a haunt of Peterhof for many visitors. With its laconically decorated facades and just 12 rooms, the Marly Palace was and still is the most homelike and cosy one out of the whole set of Peter's luxurious palaces.
In front of the ornate light-coloured Marly Palace there is a hand-made pond with its mirrorlike surface, looking unreal and reflecting the building.
The Marly's collection today boasts its unique exhibits, including the Emperor's marine coat, caftan with the embroided Order of St.Andrew the Fisrt-Called, rare books, and the table with a slate personally created by Peter the Great. It also houses the collection of works of little-known Dutch, Flemish and Italian painters of the 17th-18th centuries: A.Silo, A.Storck, Belotti, Celesti, etc.

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