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Menshikov Palace

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Menshikov Palace

The Menshikov Palace on Vasilyevsky Island (1710-1727) - is the first out of a series of palaces built for the high officials, "Peter's nestlers". It was designed by the best architects, including Tresini and Rastrelli Sr. Menshikov kept demanding changes, therefore it took plenty of time to construct the palace up to the moment the former well-liked was exiled to Siberia. The three-storey palace was full of paintings, statutes, silk works, and other items of art. Today's palace has undergone multiple considerable changes and now relates to the State Hermitage Museum Complex.
The palace combines traditional Russian and new for Russia methods and forms, all construction and art achievements of the time were also applied herein. The rooms were decorated with marble and marble-like materials, monumental decorative painting and stucco works, antique and contemporary Italian sculptures, carved and mosaic woodworks, Dutch painted cobalt tiles, and Russian ceramic tiles, painted and stamped leather, various fabrics, and woollen tapestry.
The exhibition includes works of art and household items of the late 17th- early 18th century, and also some memorial items owned by Peter the Great and the Palace owner.
In 1981 the Palace was turned into a museum. Its visitors can see the restored interiors of the palace, its vestibule and official staircase, the Chestnut-wood Office, Reception Room, Bed-room, Dining room, and D.Menshikova's private room. The rooms decorated with white-and blue Dutch tiles are unique.

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