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Russian Levsha Museum of Microminiature Art

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Russian Levsha Museum of Microminiature Art

Russian Levsha Museum of Microminiature Art was established in Saint Petersburg in 2006 by the International Master Craftsmen Guild. It continued previous permanent Russian Levsha exhibition of microminiature art. Presently, the exhibition has upgraded its status, and is a museum now.
To see exhibits of the Russian Levsha Museum of Microminiature Art you will need to use optical instruments as they are genuinely microscopic.
The display includes more than 40 works of Vladimir Aniskin, Russian microminiaturist. Each microminiature is supplied with an optic device for convenient viewing.
The museum occupies the premises, which were previously used as an office space. The premises include a hall, a part of the passage, which serves as a cloakroom, and two small cozy halls, where masterpieces of microminiature are exhibited. They are called masterpieces for reason because each work is unique by idea and technique thereof.
Depending on work complexity, it takes from 3 weeks to 6 - 7 months to complete the work. All operations are performed under the microscope, using special tools. The craftsman works with platinum, gold dust and many other materials.
The interior of the museum is decorated by metal figures of a tree, birds and butterflies, extraordinary chairs and a hand, presenting a rose.

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