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Monplaisir Palace

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Monplaisir Palace

Monplaisir is, arguably the heart of Peterhof. It became the favourite palace of the tsar and reformer, for reason. Peter I placed it and contributed a lot to the interior design and some decorative components thereof. It is to be noted that the building was constructed under guidance of numerous architects: from 1714 to 1723 such prominent concrete and sand masters as Schl?ter, Braunstein, Le Blond and Miketti participated in creation of the palace. The best artists, sculptors and cutters of their days exercised their talents here.
The layout of the palace is amazing: Peter decided to construct the building, satisfying the requirements of an educated and literate person, not just an aristocrat, living in idleness. Therefore, grand halls are adjoined by utility rooms and living rooms. However, the main Monplaisir's asset is, definitely, the content thereof. The Russia's first ever collection of 17-18 cc artists' paintings is kept inside the walls of the villa, incidentally, it was Peter I who bought them.
Pieces of art inside the building are the works of the French artist F. Pillman.
What other curiosities you can see in Monplaisir? The collection of Chinese porcelain and Russian glass, Holland pottery and kitchen ware from the Peter era, as well as glazed tiles, varnished panel pictures, carved oak panels, parquetry and noble mable, omnipresent in Peterhof.
Monplaisir is located at the shore of the Gulf of Finland between the Big Palace and the Alexandria park. The palace is closed from October to May.

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