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Zoological Museum of the RAN

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Zoological Museum of the RAN

The history of the collections of the Zoological Museum dates back to the history of the first national museum - the Kunstkamera, founded in 1714. From Moscow were transported natural history collections, purchased by Peter I during his trip to Holland in 1698, kept under the Aptekarsky order.
In the future, the exposition was replenished with interesting materials in the systematic section, as well as numerous new biogroups and dioramas. A number of biogroups were created in which the marine fauna is reflected. Materials for these showcases were supplied by numerous expeditions to the most diverse corners of the globe, in which employees of the Zoological Institute took part. During this period, the Zoological Institute was included not only in the study of the fauna of the Palearctic, but also in the study of the tropical fauna and fauna of Antarctica. The exposition on the Mammoths and mammoth fauna has grown and recently renewed.
The collection of different types of animals, represented in the Zoological Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences, includesundefined Approximately 30,000 exhibits and is one of the three largest in the world. The most interesting for visitors are the expositions of corals and mollusks in the section "Invertebrate animals", a unique collection of tropical birds, a collection of marsupial mammals, collections of vertebrates of Central Asia collected by NM Przhevalsky and PK Kozlov, and of course, an exposition of "mammoth "Hall, with the famous stuffed Berezovsky mammoth, the skeleton of the southern elephant and mammoth mummies, the absolute age of which is estimated at about 40 000 years. Continuously successful and enjoy well-executed biogroups II and III rooms of the museum.

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