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Military Historical Museum of Artillery in Saint Petersburg

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Military Historical Museum of Artillery in Saint Petersburg

Military Historical Museum of Artillery in Saint Petersburg The Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineering and Communication Troops is located directly across from the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

The collection of original artillery cannons understandably exhibited in the armoury museum's spacious yard is most attractive for the museum visitors.

The Museum of Artillery emergence almost coincides with Saint Petersburg date of birth. A special Arsenal was built inside the Peter and Paul Fortress by order of Peter I aimed at keeping vintage weapon both Russian and captured. Prior to opening the Zeughaus, the used artillery-type weapon was collected from all over Russia that was worth looking at either due to an interesting design or involvement in a glorious battle.
Within more than three hundred years that followed, the Museum of Artillery in Saint Petersburg has turned into one of the world's and Riussia's largest museums devoted to military history. The museum's collections hold both the artillery-type weapon and ammos, and other fire and cold arms, as well as machinery, banners and uniform, military badges and awards. Plenty of documents, including battle painting and portraits of military commanders are also exhibited therein.
Personal arms of Emperors: Napoleon, Peter I, Alexander I, and Nicholas II, is the Museum's pride.
The cold weapon collection of the Museum of Artillery is the largest in Europe (and not only in Europe). The matter is that the Museum workers collected both personal, unique and beautiful weapon, as well as standard models. One of the largest in Russia collection of military orders and badges of the Museum amounts to approx. 24 thous. items. The Museum's ammos collection is one of the world's largest.

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