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Neidgart Mansion
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Neidgart Mansion

Most manors of the nobility today have either been transformed into museums or became homes for different institutions. However, some of them, e.g. the Neidgart Mansion, opened its doors for all wishing to organize a 19th century style party. Yes, this palace ball rooms are used for banquets, meetings of businessmen, and photo sessions. Just married couples also set their hearts on the mansion. Where else to have a wedding party if not in a real palace?
The Neidgart Mansion in the downtown is opened for tourists also. The tours round it were organized, being great addition to Saint Petersburg sightseeing guided tours.
The first mansion was built here in 1849. In the late 19th century it was bought by senator Dmitry Neidgart. Jointly with the know Saint Petersburg architect Ivan Fomin, he worked to change the appearance and insides of the house, which took on life after the reconstruction in the early 1990s.
The Neidgart Mansion shows up its minimalistic, but original beauty among the buildings of the University of Military Engineers and other buildings at Zakharyevskaya Street.
The building is a bit hard-baked from far - hard architectural forms and black-and-yellow color of the fa?ade. However, on coming closer thereto, one can see the original elements of d?cor.
Guests can visit several rooms of the mansion, which interior shows the style of the 19th century.
The Big Hall, most spacious hall of the mansion, was and is used for banquets. Its interior's main feature is a harmonic combination of golden and purple elements of d?cor.
The Chimney Hall is one of the most beautiful rooms with a functioning chimney and richly decorated furniture. The gold decorated curtains, old wooden furniture, ornamental parquet and plenty of accessories create austere aristocratic atmosphere.
The Small Sitting Room is located at the first level and features natural wooden parquet, elegant lamps, and a big carpet.

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