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Museum of Leningrad Defense and Siege

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Museum of Leningrad Defense and Siege

Tragic history of Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War definitely deserves a special display. Let the small size of the building in Solyany lane, where the exhibition is situated, not deceive you, it comprises thousands of exhibits, telling about the hardest years of Saint Petersburg's history, starting from the beginning of war to the victory therein.
Siege-related exhibitions are arranged continuously in the museum. However, the focal point are the exhibits, which tell about lives of ordinary Leningrad citizens, who defended their city. Part of the museum exhibition tells about its own history - how it was established, eliminated and restored.
The Museum of Leningrad Defense opened on December 4, 1943, it was one of the first World War II museums in the world. On April 30, 1944 a temporary display Heroic Defense of Leningrad was opened, 4 years later it became a permanent one, earning the status of the museum.
Initially, the exhibition consisted mainly of war-related items: arms, Party documents. Nevertheless, personal belongings of Leningrad citizens, including a well-known 125-gram piece of bread, were also displayed. It was asserted that not civilians and soldiers, but the Party under Stalin's command were creators of the victory.
Stocks of the museum comprise more than 52,000 exhibits, the library thereof includes 17,000 books. Presently, there are few military equipment pieces in the museum, the main part of the display are everyday life items of the siege time.
Considerable part of the collection was provided by citizens of Saint Petersburg, who donated personal documents and diaries, family archives to the museum.

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