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Pulkovo Observatory

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Pulkovo Observatory

In the Pulkovo Observatory, which is, by the way, deemed to be the main astronomical observatory of the Russian Academy of Science and an honour to our country, you will meet people, observing stars and planets, comets and asteroids, the sun and the moon and all other celestial bodies. Their everyday life is filled with romantic appeal of stars and today the staff of the Pulkovo Observatory are ready to unravel mysteries of the universe to their guests.
Do not forget to sign up in advance if you venture to take a tour in the outer space. Weekend tours signup starts on Wednesdays - Thursdays.
And be ready, after such a journey throughout the universe you would be too excited to go to sleep: the Sun and the family thereof (this is how the Sun and the planets around it are named), rings of Saturn and Lunar craters, constellations and single stars, meteor shower… Suddenly, it will occur to you that it was not the Pulkovo Observatory you visited, but some places outside the earth atmosphere, this is a truly unforgettable journey.
The Pulkovo Observatory was opened in August 1839 under the guidance of V.Ya. Struve, the astronomer. At that time the staff of the observatory included 8 people, and the largest refractor (or the telescope) was 38 cm.
By contrast, currently, the staff of the Pulkovo Observatory is 330 people and the refractor size is 76 cm.
In the 20th c the Pulkovo Observatory acquired a spectrograph (another optical device), one of the largest solar telescopes in Europe, an astrograph, started to practice astrophotography.
Today you can use these devices to see how wonderful the universe where we live is. You are welcome here! A hospitable Saint Petersburg invites you to the Pulkovo Observatory and as the staff of the observatory say, let us not waste the sky!

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