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Park on the Elagin Island

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Park on the Elagin Island

Elagin Island is a unique protected natural complex. It is the northernmost island in the Neva delta, laved with the Big Nevka in the north, with the Central Nevka in the south and south-east, and shooting out with the narrow cape into the Gulf of Finland. At one time a royal residence, Yelagin Island since the middle of last century passed into the possession of the state and became the Central Park of Culture and Recreation, and from this moment it opened its doors to all comers.
In the park, in Yelagin island palace, there is the Museum of Russian arts and crafts and interior of the 18th-20th centuries, with the permanent exhibition on the first and second floors, which demonstrates the everyday objects of past epochs.
For guests of the park there are prepared various excursion programs, telling the history of the park and palace. In the palace there are costumed tours which offer everyone to learn ballroom etiquette XIX century.
Every Wednesday takes place concerts series called "Yelagin's evenings" in the Oval Hall of Yelagin palace. There you can hear the music of all styles - from classical to jazz, from folk to tango, from medieval to avant-garde.
Every weekend on the square near Stables building there is an improvised dance floor with live music, which takes the military brass band.
Summer in the Park starts reading room in the open air, where visitors of all ages and preferences can find books to taste.
In the Western part of the island there is a mini-zoo. Its inhabitants - the reindeer, the Cameroonian tiny goats, sheep, fox Alice, she-ass Kamila, fancy hens, pheasants, turkeys and guinea fowls, - will be interesting to both small and big city dwellers.

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