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Monument to Catherine II in Saint Petersburg

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Monument to Catherine II in Saint Petersburg

The monument to Catherine the Great was unveiled in 1873. The statue of Catherine is surrounded by delicately carved figures of the most prominent individuals of her reign: A.V.Suvorov, P.A.Rumyantsev, G.R.Derzhavin, I.I.Betsky, E.R.Dashkova etc. The pocket-park in front of the theatre is now called after Catherine. An idea to install the monument of Catherine the Great emerged in the first years of her reign, however, Catherine II herself was against it.
In order to make the monument's pedestal, different types of granite were brought by river from the Karelian Isthmus to the embankment of the Neva River at the Summer Garden, and then moved to the site by a special man-portable railway road manufactured at San-Galli factory. The pocket-park was developed at the same time. The monument opening was accompanied by a military parade and fireworks. After the ceremony tables were laid in the Public Library to honour the monument authors.

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