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Saint Petersburg Printing Museum

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Saint Petersburg Printing Museum

The Printing Museum is located in the immediate vicinity of the Palace Square. Its visitors may learn about the history of book printing in Saint Petersburg from 18th century to the 20th century.
The appearance of the building, where the museum is currently situated, was developed on the cusp of the 19th and 20th centuries, the building was significantly altered: an additional wing for the printing office was constructed. This is the place where Rus newspaper office was situated, and in 1917 the famous Pravda was published here under Lenin's direction.
There are three permanent displays in the museum, two of them are directly related to printing and publishing. The third display - the Music Saloon presents the interior of the study and the sitting-room of a music loving citizen.
The exhibition History of Printing in 18th Century Saint Petersburg gives insight into introduction of first books in the Northern Capital. Interiors of the hall, where it is located, resemble an ancient reading hall. The display includes books, magazines, newspapers and documents, printed in the very first printing houses of Saint Petersburg.
The Exhibition Publishing and Printing in Early 20th Century acquaints with furniture, stationery, printed materials of that time. There is a wonderful collection of specialized equipment, i.e. pressing, cutting machines, type case and other printing accessories, in the premise of the former printing office, which preserved the interior of early last century almost intact.

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