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The Great Palace of Peterhof

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The Great Palace of Peterhof

The Great Palace of Peterhof The Great Palace is most recognizable attraction of Saint Petersburg, its architectural landmark. Formerly a cultural center of Saint Petersburg high society, it is now one of most interested museums of Peterhof. Planned in the early 18th century simple chambers had turned into a luxurious summer residence of imperial persons by the mid-century, owing to B.F.Rastrelli known by his architectural masterpieces and creator of the Winter Palace, the Katherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo, and the Smolny Cathedral.
The Great Cascade fountain complex, one of the most beautiful attractions of Saint Petersburg and world-scale monument, is located in front of the Palace.
The Palace itself was completely ruined during the Second World War and owing to the conservation architects and preserved drawings now it looks every bit as it was before. The Baroque Palace with its conservative decoration and adornments magnificently shows itself, however, most interesting is hidden in the insides thereof. On the other hand, the interiors were created using all available decoration techniques, including stucco work, carving, painting and golden decor shining in every room of the palace and so much loved by Russian tsars.
All 30 rooms are worth visiting, from the dancing hall to a small reception room, where visitors were registered by a secretary. It holds total of more than 3000 different exhibits, including fantastical pictures, customised furniture, and even some personal things of imperial persons.
Peter the Great's Oak Office is of special interest, being a real relic.

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