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The Great Cascade in Peterhof

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The Great Cascade in Peterhof

Triumph and victory is the message of one of the most beautiful fountain complexes of the world, brilliant Baroque monument, legendary Great Cascade of Peterhof. However, this Cascade is not just an architectural masterpiece but the culmination of the whole Peter's Palace and Park Complex, its climax, crown, and apogee of glory.
The Great Cascade is a world unique creation that beggars all description. Just imagine tens of gold plated statues of people, mythic heroes, beasts and animals, and also threads of water interweaving over the center of the whole composition, Samson tears open the jaws of a lion. What surprises most is that the Cascade brings a deep, covert sense, that can be solved by a short excursus to the history .
The Great Cascade's main idea is the glorification of triumph of Russia, which gained access to the Baltic and defeated Sweden, its powerful contender, in the Northern War, thus turning into one of the greatest authority in Europe.
Like other fountains of Peterhof, Samson is turned off in winter and grandly turned on every spring in September and May, accordingly. Go to the Palace and Park Ensemble's web-site for the exact dates of the opening. Don't avoid this event, as the opening of fountains is one of the most beautiful events held on the territory of Peterhof.

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