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Peter the Great's House

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Peter the Great's House

The house of Peter I (the same as the "original palace" or "red choirs") is the summer residence of the monarch from 1703 to 1708. And the only building preserved from the first days of Petersburg. A simple log building with an area of 60 square meters. M built in just three days - from the round wood in the manner of the Russian hut. Subsequently, the king, passionately carried away by Holland, ordered to stave logs, cut through large windows and paint the walls under a brick, and the roof for lack of real shingles to cover with shingles.
Curiously, the European-made roof is quite high (5.7 m to the ridge), and the ceilings in the house are low - only 2 m 5 cm. It is unlikely that Peter, whose height was 2 m 4 cm, felt very comfortable here. However, the emperor did not chase after the comforts: the internal walls and ceilings were covered with a simple canvas, and even furnaces in the house were not foreseen. But thanks to the successful location of the residence, Peter could personally observe the construction of the Peter and Paul Fortress.
After the erection of the stone palaces, Peter no longerundefined Lives in the "red choir", but the building takes on a different value - historical. To preserve the monument, on Peter's personal order around the former residence in 1723 erected the first gallery. The last "case", built around the building, dates back to 1844. In this form, the Lodge has survived to this day.
Now in the building is a memorial museum of the Petrine era. Visitors can see documents from the times of the Northern War, as well as the personal belongings of the emperor: a red cloth tunic, a box box, a varnish cane with gilding. Of particular interest are two artifacts: a simple dinghy and a pear chair. According to legend, they are made by Peter himself.

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