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Petrovskaya Akvatoria

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Petrovskaya Akvatoria

Petrovskaya Akvatoria (Petrovskaya Water Area) is a unique open-air museum, which opened in the Northern Capital in 2014. More to the point, it is not just a museum, but an awesome replica of the original harbor of Peter the Great time. The Akvatoria complex is both a scene and an interactive amusement, visualizing history of the city and the Russian navy origin.
Do not be dismayed by the scale of the topic, it is the very thing that makes it better. The Akvatoria is recreated in miniature at a scale of 1:87. Nevertheless, the whole structure covers approximately 500 sq.m., and small vessels, which are very similar to original ones, float on real water, imitating the gulf and the Neva. The miniature also includes over 1000 buildings and approximately the same number of carriages, as well as 25 thousand human figurines. Total length of roads in the replica is more than 300 m, and it contains approximately 20 t of water.
The miniature recreates Petersburg of the 18th c, not only the one we can see today, but also the objects, which are lost nowadays (e.g. Rostral Columns are such a familiar view of Petersburg postal cards that it takes some time to remember when they were built on Strelka of Vasilievsky Island). The components are movable, they are illuminated and vocalized in a variety of beautiful ways. The miniature shows change of seasons, figures move representing typical scenes of rural life, e.g. Maslenitsa celebration.
The museum is distinguished from other city museums not only by unique concept thereof, but also by some other enjoyable features. In particular, there are many hands-on exhibits in the museum, you may take photos and videotape all exhibits for free. Moreover, Petrovskaya Akvatoria is open till 10 pm.

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