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Saint Petersburg Planetarium

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Saint Petersburg Planetarium

People have always been attracted to the space, we observe the sky of stars, hoping to unravel mysteries thereof. Nowadays almost each city has a planetarium, which may help us. The planetarium was established in the Northern Capital in 1959 - this three-floor building, topped with a dome observatory, includes several halls.
The program is mostly for children, however, grownups also may learn something new. The visitors are welcome in a beautifully decorated lobby. Space-related photos on the walls include pictures of the most renowned Russian cosmonauts, and the movie about space is projected on the large screen.
The first floor includes three large departments: first of all, the Star Hall, one of the largest in Russia. Here you will enjoy the view of the universe expanses with the help of the powerful Planetarium projector, simultaneously you will hear an interesting lecture, which is also meant mostly for children.
The interior of the Space Journey Hall is stylized to look like an indoor premise of a rocket. Young visitors may experience how it feels to be a member of a starship crew, they are given an opportunity to travel all over the solar system and even to save the earth. The program is 40 min long and includes 3D movies, activities are distributed in such a way as to give everyone something to do.
The Planet Hall acquaints with the earth - here you can learn about peoples of the earth, which lived here in different times, about a variety of natural phenomena and about geography of our amazing planet.
The Laboratory of Amusing Experiments on the second floor is a must-see to those who did not like Physics at school, finding it boring. A great number of experiments, developed by the Planetarium staff, are performed here. The Laboratory also includes rare exhibits such as the Foucault pendulum, a device visibly demonstrating the rotation of the earth. There are only 9 such pendulums in Russia.
The third floor houses the Observatory and it is definitely better to visit it in good weather. However, even if you are out of luck with the clear sky, no worries - there is a special telescope in the room, which gives a good view of many Saint Petersburg landmarks from afar.

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