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Museum of Political History of Russia

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Museum of Political History of Russia

More than 1600 items are exhibited in 12 halls of the Museum of Political History of Russia: documents, leaflets, photos, revolutionary banners of 1917, personal things of outstanding figures of the Communist Party and participants of revolutionary movement. New, permanent expositions, arousing visitors' interest, are created today, including "Democracy or dictatorship? Political parties and authority in Russia from autocracy to perestroika", "Memories of the Future. Russia of 1917 - early 1990s", "Business Russia: finances, banking, and entrepreneurship of the second half of the 19th-early 20th century", "The State Duma yesterday, and what about today?", " New time of Russia", "Russia in the turning periods of political history".
The Museum holds documents of the Third Department of His Imperial Majesty Own Chancery founded in 1826, Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Special Gendarme Corps, materials of the Emergency Committee, Joint State Political Directorate (OGPU), People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD), and Ministry for State Security related to the Soviet time repressions. The exposition tells about the history and methods of secret police, about known agents provokers (Degaev, Azef, Malinovsky), and famous figures of domestic intelligence (Sudeykin, Zubatov).

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