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The State Museum of the History of Religion

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The State Museum of the History of Religion

In the historical center of St. Petersburg, not far from the Hermitage, the unique Museum of the History of Religion has been working for more than 100 years, devoted to the history of the emergence and development of beliefs and cults among different peoples of the world. The building is built in the style of eclecticism, which means the combination of dissimilar styles, views and ideas. Oddly enough, the original concept of the museum was atheistic, but the artifacts stored in it are more likely to strengthen the faith. An extensive collection of exhibits gives an idea not only about religion, but also about the way of life of people, from ancient times to our days.
By the forces of museum workers, who extinguished incendiary bombs during the Great Patriotic War, exhibits survived the war.
About 200 thousand valuable historical and cultural finds are collected from different countries. Some are from the Ancient Civilizations of the West and the East, others are from the Middle Ages and the present. The subjects of the cult of the major world religions: Christianity, Islam,undefined Buddhism, Judaism tell about the way of life and traditions of different times and peoples.
The museum is filled with various exhibits of religious and domestic themes - both Christian icons and old printed books, and eastern exotics.
Very interesting are the archaeological and numismatic collections of the ancient (from the 6th century BC), medieval and more modern cult objects.
We recommend to look at Buddhist artifacts 2-4 centuries AD. E., Found during the excavation of the center of Kara-Tepe. The East is represented broadly: Hindu ritual masks, musical instruments and utensils, oriental sculptures, icons and Muslim wall slots of the 19th and 20th centuries, religious posters, Buddhist tanks of the 18-20th centuries, everyday splinters of the 18-19th centuries.
For children of different ages, the museum offers whole programs and individual interactive classes and excursions.

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