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Rumayntsev Mansion in Saint Petersburg
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Rumayntsev Mansion in Saint Petersburg

After the death of the famous Count Nikolay Rumantsev, his mansion was transformed into a museum holding the host's collections. Initially, a visit to the museum was free, but after Nikolay's brother, who sponsored it, died, the museum was fast to decay.
Later on, the mansion was handed over to the Museum of History and Development of Leningrad, and now it is an affiliate of the State Museum of Saint Petersburg History.
The museum holds total of 4 expositions. The first one shows interesting historical documents, photos, and portraits of the Rumyantsevs and other owners of the mansion, the building history and ups and downs of life thereof. The second exposition is devoted to the New Economic Policy epoch: visitors have a chance to see the interiors of living rooms and kitchens of communal apartments, an atelier, restaurant, and show-repair shop. They can also listen to the radio old songs and watch city film chronicle of the time.
The third exposition is about Petersburg of the 30s. There are posters and placards on the walls, and various household items and photos on the tables and shelves. Here one can also see costumes of that time and different products than manufactured. The final exposition shows the events of the siege period in Leningrad. A bomb-shelter is realistically recreated; there is a day rate of bred on the plate - a 125 g piece of bred, and Tanya Savicheva's diary on the other side of the glass.

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