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Russian Museum

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Russian Museum

The Russian Museum is the first in Russia and world-largest Museum of native fine arts. It was opened by Emperor Nicholas II in 1898 in memory of his father Alexander III.
The Museum's current collections amount to more than 320 thous. items of native fine arts from the 11th century to the present day. The Museum complex consists of seven buildings: the Mikhaylovsky Palace, the Benois Wing, the Stroganov and Marble Palaces, Peter the Great Summer Palace and wooden house.
The main exposition is located in the Mikhaylovsky Palace and the Benois Wing. Andrey Rublev's, Ulya Repin's (including such famous paintings as "Barge Haulers on the Volga" and "Cossacks writing a letter to the Turkish Sultan"), Karl Brullov's ("The Last Day of Pompeii" and "Italian Midday"), as well as the whole room full of Ivan Ayvazovsky works ("The Ninth Wave", etc) and many other masterpieces are offered for visitors here.
New exhibits are being added to the Museum collection all the time, the Museum is a participant of international auctions, where it purchases valuable works of art.

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