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Russian TV-Serial Museum

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Russian TV-Serial Museum

A unique project named "Russian TV Serial Museum" was implemented at one of the largest film studio of Western Europe. Every Thursday and Saturday any film-lover (experienced or not) has a chance to enter a surprising backstage area of the film kitchen.
Accompanied by an experienced guide who exactly knows what to say, you will go though the histories of multiple TV serials, interesting facts about shooting thereof, you will see actual set dressing, cameramen' equipment, and lighting devices, you will also feel the atmosphere of motion-picture filming. The Museum exposition has been continuously added with new unique locations, stage sets, and artefacts. The film studio's new projects turn into new exhibitions!
A great bonus is a visit to the studio stage with its chroma key (yes, the green thing that allowed Harry Potter to fly and Halk to smash).
Come to visit us, if you wish to feel the charm and atmosphere of filming and to make plenty of great photos!

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