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Chaliapin House-Museum in St. Petersburg

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Chaliapin House-Museum in St. Petersburg

The museum-apartment of the great opera singer Fyodor Chaliapin was opened to visitors in 1975. It was here that he spent the last years of his life before traveling to Paris, which eventually turned out to be an emigration. Leaving, Fyodor Ivanovich left the keys to his friend Isai Dvorishchin, who until his death kept personal belongings of Shalyapin, subsequently transferred to the Leningrad Theater Museum.
The exposition represents two conditional departments. The first is devoted to the personal life of Fedor Ivanovich. Here, an entrance hall, a dining room, two living rooms, as well as a make-up singer in the Mariinsky Theater were recreated. The museum presents a collection of ancient weapons, which at one time gave Shalyapin Maxim Gorky, and a collection of paintings. The costumes of the artist in which he played in the theater, his personal belongings, drawings, sketches, diary entries, various documents and other exhibits
The apartment has a surprisingly homely atmosphere, you can not even say that for more than 70 years nobody hereundefined Lives: the table is covered with a tablecloth, in the closet is a set, on the hook in the hallway hangs someone's cloak. But the portrait of Shalyapin by the artist Boris Kustodiev is no longer here, his owner took the apartment with him when he left for France.
The second part of the exposition is dedicated to the Russian theater of the 18-20th centuries in general, and the exhibits exhibited here tell its story, and in particular, the history of the St. Petersburg opera houses. You can see the sketches of stage costumes, notes, records, plans for decorations and many original photos.

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