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Sheremetev Palace.

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Sheremetev Palace

The Sheremetev Palace, the Museum of Music (a.k.a. the Fountain House to the location thereof on the territory of the former Dukes Sheremetevs' estate). A plot of land at the Fontanka River (Nameless Eric) was granted by Peter I to Field Marshal Count Boris Sheremetev in 1712. The existing now two-level stone palace was built in 1750 by architect Savva Chevakinsky. There are reasons to believe that in designing the Palace F.B. Rasterelli's drawings were used.
After the Great October Revolution the Sheremetev Palace was turned into a museum and had been used as the museum of the nobility's daily life up to 1931. The base for the exhibitions thereof was formed of the Sheremetevs' private collections created within 200 years, being a set of various historical epochs. The all-purpose by nature with diverse items this collection included paintings, sculptures, arms, coins, objects of decorative and applied art, library, churchware and icons.
In 1990, the Sheremetev Palace was conveyed to the Museum of Theatrical and Musical Art to create the Museum of Music of Saint Petersburg and place the state collection of musical instruments therein. Since late 1980s, the Sheremetev Palace has been under restoration aimed at recreation of the official and memorial interiors of the 19th century.
The collection of musical instruments in the Sheremetev Palace amounts to more than three thousand items and is one of the five largest collections of the world and the best in Russia. It includes the instruments created by famous instrument-makers of the 16th-220th centuries of Western Europe and Russia; collections owned by the Romanovs Imperial Family; unique Russian horn orchestra, and musical instruments of all continents.

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