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Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre

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Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre

The Bolshoi Drama Theatre was founded in 1918 as one of the first theatres created after the Great October Revolution. It is currently named after its eleventh director G.A.Tovstonogov.
This is one of few Russian theatres, which background and repertoire policy played an important role for quality Russian drama evolvement. Owing to the efforts of today's directors and actors of the company, the traditions declared as the theatre standards at opening thereof are still respected.
The theatre was established with the immediate participation of writer Maxim Gorky, poet Alexander Blok, and Maria Andreeva, Commissar for Theatres and Public Spectacles of the Northern Region Commune Union.
The theatre is located in the building constructed to the design of Switzerland architect Fontana in 1876-1878 and reconstructed in 1900-1901 after fire. Its interiors are eye-filling and elegantly finished: ceilings are decorated with picturesque plafonds, the elements of d?cor are gold plated, and delicate marble stairs are lighted with art nouveau lanterns.
Today's Tovstonogov Academic Theatre has two stages: richly decorated great hall for 1119 seats and a small cosy stage for 209 seats.

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