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Association " NWC" gives in rent transport with drivers - professionals who may welcome your visitors and place in hotel without accompanying.

Mark 1 hour of rent Place
the City - airport City - station
Lada, Volga 4,5-6 у.е. 14-17 у.е. 10-13 у.е.
Ford, VW, Mercedes, Saab, Volvo 7,5 у.е. 7,5 у.е. 19 у.е. 15 у.е.
6-8 places (Ford, Toyota VW, Hunday, Mitsubishi) 9-12 у.е. 27-33 у.е. 25 у.е.
12-14 places (Ford, Toyota) 13 у.е. 39 у.е. 27 у.е.
28-30 places (Mitsubishi, Sutra) 17,5 у.е. 70 у.е. 70 у.е.
16-22 places (Mercedes) 22 у.е. 66 у.е. 66 у.е.
40-50 places (Volvo, Mercedes) 15 у.е. 58 у.е. 45 у.е.
46-49 places Icarus 13 у.е. 48 у.е. 39 у.е.

One standard unit corresponds(meets) to a do llar exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at date of payment.
The minimal operating time of transport 3 hour + 1 hour (submission)
Time of use of transport over 15 minutes is approximated aside increases up to 30 minutes.
The prices are given up to the .
During navigation We give in rent of a boat and a yacht.

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