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Vasilyevsky Island

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Vasilyevsky Island

Initially, Vasilyevsky Island was intended to make the center of Saint Petersburg to hold most important state facilities. However, it became clear quite quickly that the place is not the best for the like purposes. Although this fact did not prevent many well-known architects and sculptors to turn the Island into one of the most beautiful places of Saint Petersburg.
. Nevertheless, Vasilyevsky Island was partially used for which it was originally meant. The Twelve Collegia building that housed the Senate and Collegia themselves in the early 18th century is located there.
The Kunstkamera, a museum may be more provocative than the Hermitage, is located on the Island as well. In fact, this museum was constructed there by chance. Once, while walking along a wild bank of the Neva River covered with trees, Peter the Great, who had already been up to build "a chamber of curiosities", noticed an unusual pine-tree. "What a monster of a tree!" exclaimed Peter in amazement and then ordered to cut it and construct a new building in its place.
Bolshoy Prospect running across Vasilyevsky Island was meant as a through navigation canal from the Spit to the Finnish Gulf, but finally turned into one of the widest (85 m wide) streets of the city. 6 m wide Repin Street, the narrowest in Saint Petersburg, is also here.

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